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Artist whose work portrays a critical concern in relation to disrespect for Human Rights, mainly in situations of unfairness, the absence of freedom, exploitation and abuse of power.

He uses images, texts and objects in a continuous game of opposition of meaning and he analyses concepts such as Power, Justice, Exclusion and Identity, by means of irony as an expositive weapon for his points of view.

Ana Bigotte Vieira, Ana Filipa Candeias, Ana Ruivo, Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Celso Martins, Elizabeth Couturier-Bardin, Fernando Alves, Francisco Jarauta, Inês Forjaz, João Pinharanda, Jorge Silva Melo, Leonel Moura, Miguel Real, Pedro Prista Monteiro, Pedro Strecht, Rui A. Pereira, Rui Catalão, Rui Tavares, Sandra Brás dos Santos, Sandra Lourenço, Sandra Oliveira, Sara Figueiredo Costa, Sílvia Chicó, Vanda Guerreiro e Vítor Hugo Leal.

Louise and Miguel Moore Matos (English)
Natàlia Tost (Spanish)
Bruno Nordlund (Swedish)
Virginie Duhamel (French)

Alberto Mayer, Carlos Fernandes, Carlos Sá Pessoa, Dora Nogueira, Hélder Maia, Josef Kaempf, Maria Manuel, Miguel Proença, Paulo Costa, Pedro Loureiro, Roberto Santandreu, Rui Matos, Tatiana Macedo, Valter Vinagre e Zétavares.